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How to build the right sales team

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How to build the right sales team

One thing that companies involved in sales recruitment can overlook is the importance of building an efficient and robust team. All too often, a company will have their eye caught by one or two sales people who they somehow expect to fix all of the damage that was caused by their last ill-advised recruit. This is one area of your business where there really is no ‘quick fix’.

Of course, what this means is that there are two components to successful sales recruitment: the identification of the right person for your position, and ensuring that they will fit in well with the existing team.

Both new and well-established star performers need to be effectively managed, and you need to ensure that they have the opportunity to develop within your company. By including them in the important projects and pitches, they will feel valued and see the role as a career, not merely a job.

Helping new and existing sales people alike to achieve their potential is definitely one part of building a team that works together, and you’ll need to constantly monitor the progress of your team to ensure it is working well.

Sometimes, current processes aren’t giving the desired end results, and you need to carefully consider why this might be so, before making any decisions that you may come to regret.

With the wrong sales people potentially costing you thousands of pounds, in addition to valuable client accounts, it makes sense to be cautious in your approach to sales recruitment. Bear in mind that as your sales professionals are effectively the public face of your company, being the people with whom customers primarily or entirely interact, choosing the wrong person can also adversely affect your corporate reputation.

In addition to all of this, truly great sales people are in many ways in short supply. That’s why it’s not only so important to effectively highlight the opportunities that you provide to candidates, but also ensure that they want to stay once they do arrive. You can do that by effectively inducting, training and coaching new sales staff members and flagging up the opportunities that exist to develop the role.


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