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10 ways to make your mobile marketing awesome

10 ways to make your mobile marketing awesome 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote
Friday 13th December 2019 No Comments »
10 ways to make your mobile marketing awesome

Mobile has been exploded in popularity for consumers because it allows them to do a whole host of things wherever they are. From playing games to searching for things on the internet, the very nature of the device is its biggest feature. And that combined with social is incredibly powerful. Users can talk to whoever they want, be it their friends, their favourite celebrities or even their preferred brands wherever and whenever.

A customer wants to complain about customer service? Now they can do it right from the shop, and if any savvy competitors are listening in they can get in touch with the disgruntled customer and direct them to their nearest outlet. Want to give your biggest fans a discount to reward their loyalty? Deliver it straight to their phone when you know they’re near your store. Or, even better, when they’re near a competitor’s.

However, whilst most brands are at least attempting to tackle social, at least dipping their toe in – very few are taking advantage of mobile marketing – only 14% of Chief Marketing Officers are happy with their mobile strategy. So with that in mind, I’ve put together 10 commandments of mobile marketing. it’s very mobile focussed (obviously), but if you get mobile right, it will turbocharge your efforts in social.

The important thing to remember is that as with social, mobile is more than a channel, it’s a layer. It can add to almost every experience and when combined with social it is one of the most powerful tools a marketer has.

And watch my slideshow on the topic here…

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