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How do you roll? A Franchise with a difference

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How do you roll? A Franchise with a difference

In 2008, several years after swearing he would never work in the restaurant industry again, Yuen Yung opened the first how do you roll? in Austin, Texas with his brother Peter. Yuen and Peter had both worked diligently in their mom and pop’s restaurant until they were old enough to fly the coop; Yuen went to study business at the University of Texas while Peter stayed in Houston and at the age of 24, became head sushi chef of a fine dining restaurant.

After graduating, Yuen worked a typical 9-5, in a typical office building, feeling the typical lunch time crunch day-in and day-out. He was uninspired by the greasy fast food chains that were the norm and craved more variety in his routine. He often found himself at the local grocery store, picking out premade sushi rolls. Unsatisfied with this option, he mused to Peter one day why there were only two choices when it came to rolls — buying premade supermarket sushi that had been sitting out for who-knows-how-long or waiting at a sit-down restaurant for fresh, but often expensive rolls. Peter declared that he craved freedom of expression and wanted to break away from the staunch traditionalism and pretentious atmosphere of fine dining sushi. It was at that moment that a light bulb turned on for Yuen as he realized there was a business opportunity at their feet. Thus, how do you roll?, the first fast-casual, custom sushi shop was born.

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