Whilst the opportunities for advertising on Bizorb are very broad and we are currently working with advertisers in quite bespoke ways we have put together six advertising products which offer you different opportunities to reach and engage with your target customers.

Supporting each of these products is the unique presence that Bizorb has within the business world. As a content portal we connect thousands of people every day with articles, news, case studies and document templates that they use in their work. Supported by an active user forum we have created a community which provides content to business people across the UK, this makes us very different from larger business-focused networks who focus on connecting individuals but not individuals with content.

Bizorb forges long-lasting relationships with it’s users who return time and time again to access the content that they require in their professional life. This means you have at your disposal a fully qualified audience of business owners and employees who are in decision making and purchasing positions.

Biz List

Biz ListBiz List is our own directory of approved suppliers from across the UK. The Biz List offers you the opportunity to advertise your products or services on a platform used by thousands of business people everyday.

From a user’s perspective the Biz List gives them the opportunity to assess potential suppliers by reading the ratings and reviews of previous customers before making contact. This offers you as an advertiser the opportunity to reflect credibility and trustworthiness to your target market, taking his product well ahead of any other directory advertising products available elsewhere.

Integrated within the Bizorb website  which attracts a broad range of business users thanks to it’s extensive content, the Biz List is the largest business directory in the UK containing details of over 130,000 companies. The Biz List allows users to search for a supplier by industry, business type or name within a county, city or postcode. This helps us to ensure that a user finds what they are looking for AND that your advert gains exposure.

There are three levels of advertising within the Biz List to suit varying advertising budgets.



MAXIMUM EXPOSUREMAXIMUM EXPOSURE is an advertising product designed for companies looking to reach the maximum number of users through banner ads, category branding and full branded site takeovers. Advertising your brand on the Bizorb website is a perfect way to target business owners and higher-level employees who have decision making ability and purchasing power.

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE includes many options for advertising around the Bizorb website allowing you to choose what best suits your company’s needs. MAXIMUM EXPOSURE is focussed on banner advertising throughout the site and grows to category branding and full site takeovers where your brand can take full visual control of the key areas of the site including our homepage, perfect at your peak trading points when maximum exposure is your goal.



VoiceVoice is an advertising product, however, it’s aim is to blend in with Bizorb’s own content allowing you to advertise more discreetly with greater impact through article writing, video production and other content.

Bizorb is primarily a content portal connecting business people with content they are seeking as part of their job. This means that we are always on the lookout for guest editors who are experts in a certain field. From the advertiser’s perspective this is the opportunity to promote your brand, product or service in the context of editorial, more commonly known as “advertorial” content.

Examples include a Social Media agency wanting to share knowledge on managing the social presence of a brand, to an Accountancy firm who wants to write articles on managing tax affairs and efficient accounting practise.


The Comms Pack

The Comms PackThe Comms Pack offers a low cost opportunity for you to reach our users by cooperating in our own marketing activity. We broadcast your message through our own Twitter stream and include your products or services within our periodic emails and mail shots to our database.

Bizorb shares many outbound communication channels with the Bizorb Community including email, twitter, direct mail and via events. We are very protective of our Community so we don’t sell any of our user’s data, however, as we regularly communicate with them about the latest business news it makes sense that at time to time we are telling them about suppliers and products that will interest them.

Our Editorial Team take the lead with all outbound communications and actively seek news and updates from advertisers that are related to the interests of our readers. This provides you with an advertising vehicle with which to deliver key messages to our shared audience.



R£WARDSR£WARDS is a great opportunity for you to bring in direct sales leads by promoting an offer or discount on your products or services. Your rewards take premium placement above discounts and promotions from hundreds of well-known retailers.

As part of our Premium Subscriber benefits package, we provide a VIP area which showcases deals, offers and discounts from our partners. These deals and discounts are both business and consumer based, anything from discounts on stationary and business insurance to money off at high street retailers and hotel rooms.

If you often gain sales leads through rewards or discounts you will find Bizorb’s community areas to be the perfect platform from which to deliver your promotion. Our business advertisers take top of the page placement above all external affiliate promotions and also feature in our monthly VIP emails.


Trust + Credibility

Trust + CredibilityThe Bizorb Trust + Credibility product is a premium endorsement service for select partners and is our most in-depth advertising product.

As part of our endorsement we undertake a full review of your business and the services you provide to ensure the quality of our approved supplier lists. We will visit you onsite to get a feel for you business, interview key stakeholders, take up references with existing customers and undertake competitor analysis.

Approved suppliers sit at the top of the Biz List results pages, regardless of how a user sorts their results, ensuring maximum visibility. Accepted suppliers also receive exclusive permanent promotion within our main site dropdown navigation as well as fixed banners in every article posted within related categories. Further to this we offer you our trusted seal whereby our exclusive Bizorb star rating appears in your Biz List profile page above the star rating issued by your own customers.