About Us

What is Bizorb’s aim?

Bizorb is dedicated to the education, support and growth of UK business people, either as employees or entrepreneurs, for their personal improvement and the growth of the British economy. Bizorb’s goal is to become the largest and most trusted business resource in the UK, supporting business people in growing their knowledge and skills, regardless of experience, business type or industry.

As a brand Bizorb holds at its core the innovative, dedicated and inspiring nature of UK businesses, the entrepreneurs that formed them and the employees that support them. Bizorb exists to support all of these entities and encourage the development of them through education, from its work with universities and colleges as well as the information and tools it provides to those already in industry. Take a look at our introduction video below.

Why now?

There are an estimated 4.8 million private sector businesses in the UK with a combined annual turnover of £3,100 billion. According to Companies House the number of UK businesses increased by 450,000 in 2011/12, at an equivalent rate of one new business starting every minute. These 4.8 million businesses employ an estimated 23.9 million people. These employees help to drive business forwards in the UK and are responsible for specific roles within their business for which they require help and assistance.

Of the UK’s businesses, 6,000 (0.1%) are classified as large with 250 or more employees and 30,000 (0.6%) are medium-sized with 50 to 249 employees. The vast majority of businesses, however, are small (99.2%) with 0 to 49 employees and of this group 75% are Sole Traders (in essence, ‘one-man’ operations).

The UK has seen a growth in business start-ups in the last ten years. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor highlights that for the first time since records began in 1999, over 20% of the working age population in the UK either expect to start a business in the next three years, are actively trying to start a business, or are already running their own business.

In summary, the UK business market is almost entirely made up of small businesses and three quarters of these businesses are operating as sole traders where it is likely that the business owner is the only human resource available.

Research shows that businesses that use external support are more likely to build the right foundations to survive and succeed. However, too few businesses seek this external advice, likely due to low levels of working capital. This lends some reasoning to the rumoured 33% of businesses that fail in their first year in the UK and underlines the fact that their failure was due, in part, to not having the help they needed. It highlights the plight of the average entrepreneur who despite having a potentially profitable idea, may not have the support they need to build a successful business around it.

Who is behind Bizorb?

Bizorb is backed by a number of individuals with a passion for business. The team comes from a mix of industries and experience levels providing Bizorb with a broad input on all matters and a mix of viewpoints on a wide range of subjects.

We are an independent organisation, not tied to UK government or a large commercial entity. This means we can say and do what we like, passing on valuable insight on a huge range of topics without bias or agenda.

You can read more about our founders and investors here or invest yourself. If you want to join the Bizorb team get in touch!